If you suffer from dry eyes, we can help!
We offer BioD, the best treatment for dry eyes.

What is BioDOptix®?
“BioDOptix is an amniotic tissue allograft. Amniotic tissues have been shown clinically and scientifically to support soft tissue repair, reduce inflammation and minimize scar tissue formation. BioDOptix is derived from tissues acquired from living, healthy donors after full term pregnancy. These tissues, attained only during childbirth, have been processed and preserved to maintain their viability.”

Why Amniotic Tissues?
“Clinicians gave used amniotic tissues for over a century as a biologic dressing in a broad range of therapeutic applications. It has been generally recognized as a versatile wound covering with published clinical results cited extensively in the literature. Amniotic tissues are an abundant source of collagen, as well as the other proteins and growth factors that are essential to support the body’s natural regenerative healing process. Studies have described amniotic tissues as “immune-privileged” because they rarely evoke an immune response in the human body.”

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